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B.Y.O.B. - Bring Your Own Bottle Dinner - 27.03.15

B.Y.O.B. - Bring Your Own Bottle Dinner - 27.03.15

Sharing begins at the table.

Sharing is a pleasure, sharing a bottle of wine is a double pleasure.

We launched the challenge: “Have you ever thought going out of your house to the restaurant, accompanied by a bottle of wine of your choice and share it on a table with strangers while enjoying a menu that was cooked to marvel you?”

The concept B.Y.O.B. (Bring Your Own Bottle ) is already common practice in the United States, and it has had its first steps in Portugal in 2004 , but ten years later still has no success in our country.

However, at Quinta da Ria the result was surprising with an attendance of nearly 50 people, of many different nationalities.

The exchange of wine bottles amongst the participants made it possible for all to try many different wines and also to have opinions about their own wine.

The opinion was unanimous: the food was delicious. But the main concern was to have feedback of the B.Y.O.B. experience and could not have been better: many more events will take place at Quinta da Ria and you are already invited to share your favorite wine with us.