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PRESIDENT’S DAY 2015 - Bienvenidos a España - 05.09.2015

PRESIDENT’S DAY 2015 - Bienvenidos a España - 05.09.2015

The President of Levant Golf Club, Henk Vooijs, chose Spain to be the theme of the President's Day this year and Quinta da Ria accepted the challenge. After all this is one of the events of the year and the team in charge of organizing the event has again overcome expectatins.

The golf tournament began at 9:30 am at Quinta de Cima course. Between the 1st and the 10th tee was strategically located the half way bar where players had at their disposal the famous Pata Negra ham, a typical Spanish drink "rebujito" and San Miguel beer.

After the tournament the celebration continued with decoration and gastronomic delicacies chosen according to the Spanish tradition. The giant paella was much appreciated and was savored to the the sound of flamenco music and dance.

Later in the afternoon the prizes were delivered by the hand of the Club’s President himself in a lively and emotional interaction among those present.